ServiceNow – Field & Flow Labels Language Translation.

There is a difference in how you add/update a language translation in ServiceNow for standard fields and for the System Process Flow:

Different tables of translation:

Normal Labels (like ‘Company’ in the above image) are translated in the ‘Field Labels’ form (System Localization -> Field Labels)

https:// [instancename]

System Process Flow Labels (like ‘In Queue’ in above image) are translated in the ‘Translated Name / Fields’ (System Localization -> Translated Name / Fields)

https:// [instancename]

To Update Language in Record Producer:

Go to the Record Producer variables tab, look at the question field – NOT the name

  • swap to the language using your ui menu
  • Modify the question value then save the record.
  • Swap language back to english.
  • you should see the english the same as before.

You can now also see the same translation in the Translated Name / Fields table:

https://[company name]‘2024-06-20’%2C’start’)%40javascript%3Ags.dateGenerate(‘2024-06-20’%2C’end’)%5Esys_created_byLIKELoman&sysparm_view=

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