Van Life – [Mercedes Sprinter Oil Change]

History – [Why do you need to change the oil on a Mercedes Sprinter?]:

As with all combustion engines the motor relies on proper lubrication to operate. Due to this it is recommended to change the motor oil at least every 10,000 miles. I was advised to do it every 8,000 miles to give my Sprinter engine some additional longevity.

Solution – [How to replace the motor oil on Sprinter]:

You can pick oil and oil filter up from your local garage or auto-shop. Replacing the oil will require you to have a special tool to remove the oil filter, something you easily can pick up from ebay or amazon. Once you have the tool it is straightforward to change your sprinter oil and oil-filter yourself.

Sprinter Oil and Oil-filter Change Video:

See Sprinter Oil and Oil-filter Change Video below for step by step guidance. Alternatively go directly to the Sprinter Oil and Oil-filter Change video by clicking this ‘Sprinter Oil and Oil-filter Change‘ link.

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